Why Geography?

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❤️ Welcome! ❤️ Do you have a strong knowledge of World Geography? 


If not, ‘why not?’  Have you ever asked yourself this question??


If you have a strong knowledge of World Geography, have you ever wondered why you are witnessing others struggle with knowing the location of places like Ethiopia, Iran or Sweden?


Sure, they are ‘somewhere over there’ on another continent.


We are NOT pointing fingers.  Everyone has a different benchmark on their knowledge of World Geography.


But it is TIME FOR CHANGE … 


Geography Coach’s MISSION


Geography Coach’s MISSION is to bring awareness of this paradox of geographic illiteracy to all Individuals, Families and Communities across Canada and USA.  And, to turn geographic illiteracy on its head.  We have the RESOURCES & TOOLS to turn it around QUICKLY. 




Communities need World Geography Tutors.

Be Part of the Solution!



“For example, most people know of the Himalayas and the Pacific Ocean. But most people don’t know where the Himalayas are in relation to the Pacific Ocean.”






How would you feel, if in one year, YOU and YOUR FAMILY knew all the countries, their flags and their capital cities and the surrounding countries? 


And, how would you feel, if additionally, in one year you knew what major physical features formed part of each country, for example, what river systems, major lakes, mountain ranges, deserts, seas, gulf, bays, etc. 



– STEP 1 –


Obtain a GC Referral Code from a Friend or register for your own for a $40 CDN DISCOUNT on the 4-Session Online Workshop (OW-4S).  Click link.



– STEP 2 –


JOIN a 4-Session Online Workshop TODAY!




Be the Solution!



Join us in a 4-Session Online Workshop (OW-4S), where I show people, across Canada and USA, how to LEARN World Geography (FUN Hobby!) and how to SHARE World Geography (FUN Hobby!) with children. 


A person can start with zero knowledge of World Geography and with 5-10 hours a week of dedication, in 2 calendar months, they will have the knowledge base and be equipped with a Home-Based Business teaching children World Geography (FUN Hobby!) and earning income.


* Course material, $79 CDN, is extra.





Here are 3 very good reasons for

Why World Geography?

Education, Empowerment, and Passion.



1. Education


  • To carry a ‘Mental Map’ of the World. Computers and cell phones are no match to a ‘Mental Map’ when on the spot response is required.


  • To form a better understanding of the World and Its People.


  • To form a knowledge base, a foundation to build on, for other disciplines such as History, Economics, Politics, Agriculture, Literature, Religion, Culture, Climate, Music and the Arts, and much more.


2. Empowerment


  • World Geography is part of the vocabulary of our powerful people.


  • World Geography is essential in this Information Age.


  • World Geography is about facts and information and KNOWLEDGE is POWER!


3. Passion


  • Joy of exploring.


  • Joy of advancing your education and career.


  • Joy of enhancing your social life through conversation. 




How does one learn History without a knowledge of World Geography?





Would you love to learn more about the WORLD GEOGRAPHY Online Courses that I use for training Tutors?  I hope you said, ‘Yes!’


These WORLD GEOGRAPHY Online Courses are designed for children ages 8-12 and are explained in depth in this article from The Globe in a Nutshell.




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 “The power to change your life

lies in the simplest of steps.”

― Steve Maraboli






Sharing is Caring!

Sharing is Caring!

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