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How to Tutor

World Geography (FUN Hobby!)

to Children



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With the Scheduled Workshops, you will be joining people from across Canada and the United States, in these Online Workshops, all studying from the comfort of their home.



About the Online Workshops

(4 Sessions, 2-hours each)


Many people think of World Geography as a higher education.  But, I want people to look at World Geography as a FUN HOBBY, like scrapbooking or gardening.


I show people how they can tutor World Geography (FUN Hobby!) to children. No experience necessary. A person can start with zero knowledge of World Geography and with 5-10 hours a week of dedication, in 2 calendar months, they will have the knowledge base and be equipped with a Home-Based Business teaching children World Geography (FUN Hobby!) and earning income.


Once training is complete, I do not take a commission nor a percentage. Your business is yours.




The workshops are:


  • online workshops, therefore learn from the comfort of your home, and


  • 8-hours in length (4 Sessions, 2 hours each) with 1 Session every 2 weeks.




Regular Price*:    $480 CDN (for 8-hours) and $79 CDN (for online course material)


* Note:  With a GC Referral Code (click link) you can save $40 CDN on an Online Workshop.  New price will be $440 CDN (for 8-hours) and $79 CDN (for online course material).  When you register for a GC Referral Code, you will receive it immediately, but please allow 48 hours for Admin to set up your GC Referral Code for the online workshop DISCOUNTS.




Tutoring World Geography is about LEARNING, PLAYING and INSPIRING others. This is an ideal opportunity for ANYONE who loves to LEARN & SHARE.  ANYONE, who is over 18 years of age and from ANYWHERE in Canada or the United States. I train online.


  • Stay-at-Home Moms or Dads


  • Homeschoolers


  • Students (College or University)


  • Freelancers


  • Seasonal Workers


  • Part-Time Workers


  • Artists


  • Musicians


  • Veterans, and/or


  • Seniors.


No experience necessary!




You will learn:


  • World Geography with an online course designed for children, ages 8-12


  • How to tutor the same World Geography online course to children, and  


  • How to set up and thrive with this Tutoring Business.


The two main criteria to do well with this business are that you must love working with children and have a good comfort level with computers (i.e. Google searches, etc.)



You, as a Tutor, will be guiding children on a World Geography online course, which is designed for children ages 8-12.




To view dates/times of Scheduled Workshops, please click register.  Please also note the registration closing date for the Scheduled Workshops.


ONLY 10 people will be able to sign up for a workshop.  Make a move and register TODAY for an 8-hour workshop on ‘How to Tutor World Geography (FUN Hobby!) to Children’!




I will be introducing you to The Globe in a Nutshell’s World Geography online course designed for children ages 8-12.  During the 4-Sessions, I will walk you through the World Geography online course, then as a Tutor you will share the same online course with children.  


In the same 4-Sessions, I will be helping you set up your Tutoring Business so that you feel organized, professional and confident when talking to families, everything from bookkeeping to how to market your services.


Learn more about the World Geography online course and other Tools and Resources that we will be using during the 4-Session Online Workshops on how to tutor World Geography (FUN Hobby!) to children.


You are one click away from a NEW Adventure.  Click register, then choose a Workshop. Come EXPLORE with us!




3 Reasons:

1. For YOU:


  • This opportunity offers an easy, effortless way to balance finances and home life.


2. For the CHILDREN:


  • Let’s think about the children for a moment.  When they become adults, how will they learn other disciplines such as History, Economics, Politics, without a strong knowledge of World Geography?


  • And as adults, after you have helped them inherit a strong knowledge of World Geography, every time they see a globe or World Map, who are they going to think about and cherish for the rest of their lives.  You, their Tutor!


3. For a better WORLD:


  • Home-Based Businesses are ‘Green Jobs’.  And, tutoring World Geography (FUN Hobby!) should be touted as a Top 5 Green Job.  Not only is this a Home-Based Business, but consider how you are encouraging young minds to know, love and explore the World around them.  After all, they are tomorrow’s researchers and innovators.




“For in truth great love is born of great knowledge of the thing loved.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

Let the ‘thing loved’ be planet Earth!
Become a Tutor for World Geography.


This is an ideal opportunity for ANYONE

who loves to LEARN & SHARE.

I love what I do and would never want to go back to the days when I did not know my World Geography.
I also love sharing what I do.  Children need World Geography Tutors.
Why not be that Tutor and assist children to excel in World Geography?
If you would like to learn more about the Online Workshops, I invite you and someone you know to register for a FREE Online Information Session (OIS). See GC Advocate Program.  When you tutor with others, it adds to the excitement!


Let’s Talk!  …   My goal is that we have FUN!





Would you love to learn more about the WORLD GEOGRAPHY Online Courses that I use for training Tutors?  I hope you said, ‘Yes!’


These WORLD GEOGRAPHY Online Courses are designed for children ages 8-12 and are explained in depth in this article from The Globe in a Nutshell.




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  And SAVE $20 On The WORLD GEOGRAPHY Online Courses.  




 “The power to change your life

lies in the simplest of steps.”

― Steve Maraboli






Sharing is Caring!

Sharing is Caring!

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