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The Globe in a Nutshell


What is it?             World Geography Online Courses.


This is the course material required with the 4-Session Online Workshop (OW-4S). The preliminary course, ‘The World and Its Physical Geography‘, is $79 CDN with The Globe in a Nutshell (TGIAN) Referral Code. Regular price is $99 CDN.  You can use my TGIAN Referral Code: 8KRPQ15S during registration to save $20 CDN.


Comment:  SEE & EXPERIENCE how a child will learn World Geography. These courses are designed for children ages 8-12, but they are packed with an amazing amount of information. And, an adult will QUICKLY see how a Tutor is needed to walk a child through the course. PARENTS WILL BE HAPPILY SURPRISED AT THEIR CHILD’S SUCCESS!!



What is it?             Free Software for Screen Sharing and Online Meetings.


Comment:  FREE and EASY to use.  Register with a FREE Zoom account.  It takes just a few seconds.  And when you register with any Online Information Session (OIS) or 4-Session Online Workshop (OW-4S) with Geography Coach, you will receive an email confirmation with Zoom Meeting ID link. 

Headset and Microphone


What is it?              Headset and Microphone

Price:                        $10 and up


Comment:  You will need this for freedom and productivity during our Zoom sessions.  The Headset and Microphone will free up both your hands to use a computer, handle documents, take notes, etc., and therefore allows you to be more productive.




The Headset and Microphone in conjunction with Zoom software also allows unlimited FREE calling anywhere in the World.  If you’ve never heard of VoIP, get ready to change the way you think about long-distance phone calls.





Sharing is Caring!

Sharing is Caring!

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